Smarter Marketing


In today’s digital world, B2B marketers are being pushed to justify their efforts and prove marketing ROI. And while a treasure trove of information is at their fingertips, it’s often difficult to connect the dots and understand what’s working and what isn’t.

The insights are there, hidden in the data, but it’s more challenging for marketers to sift through it all and answer questions such as:

  • Which marketing efforts are leading to the most closed business?
  • How is multi-touch attribution handled when people engage with multiple marketing campaigns?
  • What percentage of opportunities were influenced by marketing
  • What is our marketing ROI?


Download this whitepaper to get the answers to these questions and understand what you can do to effectively collect, analyze, and operationalize customer data—and take your marketing efforts to new heights.

Download this whitepaper to learn
how you can use data and analytics
to prove Marketing ROI

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