Technology-Enabled Marketing Services

People-Powered, data driven marketing analysis & insights that makes your programs and teams, internal & external, more effective.

Prove and improve marketing ROI.

The Marketer's Challenge

To Prove and Improve Meaningful Business Impact

Challenge #1 Producing accurate, timely, meaningful data & reports:

Meaningful Reports

Information will help deliver insights into health and success of our marketing programs.


The credibility factor.

Data Connections

Manual data pulls with few automated APIs to ensure speed and accuracy.


Stuck with surface level insights, unable to answer meaningful questions on-demand.


Tremendous time, energy and effort to produce.  Little or no time for insights.

Challenge #2 Unlock meaningful analysis, insights and action:


What is my return on marketing investment? Forecasted revenue from marketing activity? How is marketing affecting funnel quality & velocity?


What should I spend on marketing to drive quality leads (cost/p): C/MQL, C/SQL, C/Closed Won.  Attribution: What campaigns, channels, and content are driving qualified leads and sales?


Who are my best prospects? What resonates and how do I attract more?  Why do our best prospects engage with us?

The Data Weld Solution

Data Weld Directly Addresses the Marketer’s Greatest Challenge:
Outsourced Marketing Insights and Analyst Team (People)

A Team of real "Data Nerds" (Humans) Dedicated to your business


The nerds who know how to move and connect large sets of disparate structured and unstructured data.  Nerds, real data nerds.

Data Analysts
& Business

Use math and statistics unlocking data drive insights.

Marketing Technologists

Experts who know how to work on and within your tech stack.

Data Driven

Digital marketing experts, unlocking insights and developing ideas to improve performance.

Process: How It Works

Step 1

Discovery, Audit & Data
Maturity Mapping

Out team will audit your marketing tech (web, analytics, & ad) to understand the current state of your data maturity.

Step 2

Data Onboarding

Provision your instance of Data Torch, our marketing analyst platform.

Cleanse, map, de-dupe and scrub data for accuracy.

Onboard your data via API and flat file imports.

Step 3


Exec + mROI Dashboard CRM & Funnel Media.

Channel & ROAS Customer Engagement.

Step 4

Analysis, Insights & Action

Generate actionable insights.

Recommend marketing choices and decisions.

Leverage experienced data analysts, digital strategists and experts.

Review insights and recommendations via monthly.


We use market driven software to enable greater analysis & insights, with less time and no additional license costs.

The manifestation of solving the same problem, literally hundreds of times over for our customers one off enables resource strapped marketing departments access to a set of best of breed technologies that powers deep analysis and insights.

Executive Dashboard

Dashboards summarize complex information and present it in an easily digestible way for executives to assess how the business is performing.

Key Business Questions Addressed:

  • What portion of the new opportunities were marketing influenced?
  • How healthy is the Sales pipeline amount for this period?
  • How many NEW Opportunities have we captured excluding recurring renewals?
  • What is the cost of acquiring a new customer?
  • What is the Return On Investment for this Fiscal Year?
  • How healthy is the sales and marketing funnel compared to last year?
  • How many Close Won Opportunities did we get this month?

    ROI Dashboard

    Fewer than 20 percent of B2B organizations are comfortable with their ability to quantify the returns on marketing spend. The dashboard allows for marketing organizations to set up their marketing goals and spend that align with corporate objectives.

    Key Business Questions Addressed:

    • What was the marketing ROI generated last month?
    • Forecast: How close am I to achieve my revenue target by the end of the quarter?
    • How am I performing against last year, from an mROI, Cost and Revenue
    • What are the channels (+combination) that deliver the greatest Return
      on Investment?
    • In what channels should I allocate my marketing budget for next year
      to maximize ROI?

      Marketing Influenced Opportunities

      As marketing budgets continue to expand, it's increasingly critical to understand how marketing efforts impact pipeline. Traditional ROI models are problematic in B2B sales cycles which tend to be longer and more complex. The most innovative marketers are using campaign influence or sales influence to measure what works and what doesn’t.

      Key Business Questions Addressed:

      • How many Opportunities were influenced by marketing?
      • How many qualified Leads and Contacts Per Opportunity?
      • How many touch-points per Opportunity?

        Leads Velocity Dashboard

        This is the only view that accounts for lead creation and conversion to opportunities from a dynamic and static perspective, allowing us to answer distinct business questions related to performance.

        Key Business Questions Addressed:

        • What is the average number of months for a lead to convert into an opportunity?
        • When did marketing drive the highest quality leads to the pipeline?
        • Were there any specific tactics that caused higher conversion rates per month after lead creation?
        • How efficient is the sales team at converting opportunities into sales?

          "Directional" KPIs Trended

          This dashboard gives you the ability to identify trends and drill down to specific periods of interest.

          Key Business Questions Addressed:

          • How are the key metrics trending over time?
          • What is the Year to Date growth for “x” metric?
          • What is the Month over Month growth or decline?
          • What is the Year over Year growth or decline?


            Measuring Marketing is a challenging task. It requires specialized tools and highly technical teams. Although SaaS marketing technology has enabled rapid access to all sorts of data, it is very hard to understand what the data is telling us. Most agencies are not generally staffed to meet this need. Advertising Agencies generally focus on visual design, advertising or other less technical areas. Media and Search agencies, while relatively technical compared to Ad Agencies, rarely have the level of engineering and analyst talent needed to measure marketing effectively.

            For most businesses that deal with 1:1 selling through a sales force (B2B and large ticket purchases), marketing activity and sales activity can be connected via lead records in CRM. In the case of consumer mass marketing (i.e. retail or dealer sales), statistical inference is typically used to determine the correlation between marketing activity and sales activity.

            Organizations and business models vary widely, so our ability to determine your ROI is dependent on the quality and availability of your sales and marketing data.

            Yes. We are designed to work seamlessly across your network of software and agency partners. We are focused on measurement and aren’t looking to step on anyone’s toes or steal their business. We have developed our solution to meet the needs of the broadest set of marketers using the latest SAAS marketing tools. However we have developed file-based support for legacy or custom systems. Typically we will ask your team to share a file, inclusive of any internal business logic, for import into our system. If that won’t work, there are custom solution options available, although typically at much higher costs than our standard option.

            We don’t try to replace or reinvent what those products do. They all do an important job and they all capture some element of the customer journey. But to really understand what’s going on, you need to aggregate data from all sorts of systems, and somehow make sense of it. That means logging into multiple systems, merging and cleaning up data – it is a complex and time-consuming process with relatively low business value. We simplify this process so your team can focus on taking action on the insights. Additionally, we’re a real team of pros who takes the time to learn your business and understand your data. When you have a question, you can call a real live person – not a chat bot or a support forum. Oh and we’re pretty fun people!

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